Smithtown and beyond

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Sitting on a bend of the Macleay River between Kempsey and Jerseyville is Smithtown. Once busy towns when the waterways were full of traffic, but today’s freeways bypass many small towns and villages. Along with the coming of supermarkets and malls in regional centres, the dearth of traffic contributes to closing businesses in many rural communities.

Coming off the freeway at Frederickton, where the famous pie shop on the old Pacific Highway has lost most of its business in the twelve months after the bypass opened, we make our way via Smithtown to the coast. The Nestles dairy is still a major employer in Smithtown, so there are less houses for sale than expected, but most of the shops have closed. Oddly enough, it is a small working class town set amongst dairying and beef farms. On a rainy Saturday morning there is not much activity.

"Meat is murder.." “Meat is murder..”


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Finding paradise

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Sometimes I wonder what it actually might mean to find paradise?

Can it be an earthly reality, or is paradise a place which is mystically conceptualised due to the influence of myths, religions, tourist or even real estate brochures? In a world full of hash tagged paradises that seem to be for sale, or to be exchanged for desiring souls, can such places exist at all.

Over the past few weeks our cousin Kitty has been visiting from Holland. For a few days we took her down the South Coast of New South Wales to the Murramarang National Park, and the parks in the mountains behind. At this time of the year it can be icy cold in the mornings always with the possibility of rain, practically deserted beaches, villages quiet, and the vast wilderness expanses of dense forest seemingly impenetrable.

It is these sanctuary zones, especially thosewhich National Parks…

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Distant winter sun

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August can bring cold frosty mornings, clear blue skies, a chill in the breeze, and a rapid fall in temperature when the sun starts to set. It is on these days when the winter sun is distant, that it seems perfect to be the only person on a beach, in the surf, or walking the headlands of the South Coast.

In the nearby wildernesses of the Great Dividing Range, the cool weather provides an opportunity for burning off to reduce the fuel load in the forests before the long dry summer months begin. The smoke haze sunsets intensify red and orange hues of sandstone cliffs facing the west on the escarpment.

Winter morn - Beagle Bay, South Durras Winter morn – Beagle Bay, South Durras

August 2014 GSW690II Pro160S TetanalC41 7 Trees at the end of Cookies Beach

Lone surfer - Wasp Head Lone surfer – Wasp Head, Murramarang NP

August 2014 GSW690II Pro160S TetanalC41 19 Wobegong Bay, Murramarang NP

Ochres at sunset Ochres at sunset – Hylands Lookout

August 2014 GSW690II Pro160S TetanalC41 26 Looking towards Yalwal

Burnt orange Burnt orange

Smoke haze at sunset Smoke haze at…

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Winter shorelines – Holga Week 2014

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To absolutely devastating effect during Holga Week, I firstly decided to try some components of a digital Holga kit on my Holga 120N: macro attachment, tele and wide converter. For the macro shot I simply guessed at the recommended distance marked on the lens attachment from the object I was photographing. The film used was Kodak TMax 100 and it was developed in a mix of Pyrocat-HD (1.1.100) + Adonal (1.100) for good measure. Sometimes I prefer to use the 6×4.5 frame with the 120N.

These shoreline photos were taken on the black sand beach at The Shallows just south of Shellharbour.

Urchin, shell and stone Urchin, shell and stone (macro)

The loader The loader (tele)

Rocks and tide Rocks and tide (wide)

For Holga Week I also shot a roll of Efke R50 in my Holga-120WPC which I stand developed in Adonal(1.100). These photos were taken at Minnamurra and the deserted ocean pool at Bulli POint.

Rangoon Island Rangoon Island

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