Who said there is no colour in the bush?

52 rolls

Early in September the wildflowers start to blossom at Barren Grounds Nature Reserve. It is a windswept plateau covered in dense thickets, but in spring comes alive with colour and bird life. On the day we were there it was overcast with occasional showers passing through. The only others around, apart from us taking photographs, were a few birdwatchers.

An elderly gent, in a couple passing by, seeing me taking photographs with my pinhole called out jovially from a distance, “Who said there is no colour in the bush?”

To which I agreed, “…because otherwise everyone would be here!”Sept 2014 Holga120WPC Ektar100 TetanalC41 2

Sept 2014 Holga120WPC Ektar100 TetanalC41 3Sept 2014 Holga120WPC Ektar100 TetanalC41 5Sept 2014 Holga120WPC Ektar100 TetanalC41 6Sept 2014 Holga120WPC Ektar100 TetanalC41 8Sept 2014 Holga120WPC Ektar100 TetanalC41 7

Taken with Holga-120WPC on Kodak Ektar 100 and developed in Tetanal C41 two bath rapid kit.

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A part of me is gone

52 rolls

On Saturday morning I developed 6 sheets of film that I had taken over the previous week. Little did I know that over the weekend my treasured Toyo-View 45CF, tripod and most of my large format lenses would be stolen. These are probably the last photos I will ever have taken with “Toyo” unless it is recovered.

I am distraught that the camera I have learned large format photography with, and the lenses I had so carefully pursued and collected are gone.

During the last 18 months “Toyo” has been my life’s blood whilst I have been recovering from operations and major illnesses caused by cancer. I loved this camera so much simply because it helped me to see the world a little differently, and to get up and about into our great National Parks along the coast, escarpments and mountains near where I live. Many days were spent carrying…

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Mexican Fiesta

52 rolls

For her 21st Birthday, my daughter Honi wanted a Mexican Fiesta. That meant of course plenty of margaritas, tequila, beer, fajitas, beans, guacamale, corn chips and sombreros. We hired a juke box, light show and a good time was had by all.

For this special occasion I loaded up the Wet Flash (Olympus AF-1) with Fuji Superia 400, that I later developed in the Tetanal C41 two bath rapid kit.

The Wet Flash is perfect for a party at night with its autofocus and instanteous ESP Quickflash with zero recharging time. It was a real find when I found it at the trash and treasure market in Dapto last year. The camera cost me less than the battery. Priceless!

Sept 2014 WetFlash Superia400 TetanalC41 RO9(1.100stand) 25Sept 2014 WetFlash Superia400 TetanalC41 RO9(1.100stand) 13Sept 2014 WetFlash Superia400 TetanalC41 RO9(1.100stand) 15Sept 2014 WetFlash Superia400 TetanalC41 RO9(1.100stand) 6Sept 2014 WetFlash Superia400 TetanalC41 RO9(1.100stand) 21

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Do the Strand!

52 rolls

My cousin from Holland wanted to go shopping at the QVB (Queen Victoria Building).

The time needed for the exposures left her plenty of time to wander the shops.

It costs nothing to window shop, and, I was particularly enarmoured by the spiral staircase in the QVB

August 2014 HolgaWPC Velvia50 Xpro 1

August 2014 HolgaWPC Velvia50 Xpro 3I also took her to The Strand.

As Roxy Music said luv…August 2014 HolgaWPC Velvia50 Xpro 4

Taken with Holga-120WPC on Velvia 50 cross-processed in Tetanal C41 2 Bath Kit.

NB. I always throw a few coins into the wishing well outside the QVB. It has a touch of the blarney!

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South West Rocks

52 rolls

On a rainy day the ochre tones of the rocks were enhanced by their wetness and the light. From offshore these rocks must be striking standing out from other physical features in the landscape, and serve as an aid to navigation.

August 2014 HolgaWPC Portra tetantalc41 3August 2014 HolgaWPC Portra tetantalc41 2August 2014 HolgaWPC Portra tetantalc41 1Taken with Holga-120WPC on Portra 160 and developed in Tetantal C41 two bath rapid kit. This roll just wanted it rough. The camera fell open and half the roll was exposed. After developing the film slipped out of my hand and landed on the floor. I quickly washed and cloned out the grit. And it rained and rained and rained…

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