Old Years Day

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As a child on Sunday afternoons I would often sit on a small stool in front of my father and play chess with him. He was a kind, humble man who worked long hard hours as a baker to provide for his family. As an adult, he seemed stoic, enduring difficult times during the Nazi Occupation of Holland, and when I was young yearned for his only day off, Sunday, to spend with his family. He enjoyed teaching me chess, one of few past-times remaining from his youth, and how to drink black coffee. I liked learning how to play chess from him and eventually how to beat him.

Upstairs in his wardrobe were a few old cameras which he brought to Australia with him. A box Brownie, and a folder, both of which he complained didn’t work, possibly considered as foibles from younger days, and beyond his being able…

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Cherry Oh

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For want of something to say, lost for words maybe, or just the tune in my head – perhaps it’s better to quote The Stones:

“whoa, eeyo, eeyo, eeyo, eeyo
whoa, eeyo, eeyo, eeyo, eeyo
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,…

oh cherry, oh cherry, oh baby
doncha know i’m in love with you”

Oh yeah, I’m in love with aerochrome. I love its cherry and candy tones.

Don’t matter whether it is in the desert, mountains or tropics.

It never disappoints!

Nov 2014 Fiji OM2 Aerochrome TetanalE6 2Nov 2014 Fiji OM2 Aerochrome TetanalE6 4Nov 2014 Fiji OM2 Aerochrome TetanalE6 1Nov 2014 Fiji OM2 Aerochrome TetanalE6 6Nov 2014 Fiji OM2 Aerochrome TetanalE6 12Nov 2014 Fiji OM2 Aerochrome TetanalE6 14Nov 2014 Fiji OM2 Aerochrome TetanalE6 15Nov 2014 Fiji OM2 Aerochrome TetanalE6 13Nov 2014 Fiji OM2 Aerochrome TetanalE6 23Nov 2014 Fiji OM2 Aerochrome TetanalE6 21Taken around Korotogo, Fiji using Olympus OM2 and G. Zuiko 50mm f/1.4 lens with LZOS Soviet Y12 filter on Aerochrome and developed in Tetanal E6 Colortec.

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Early summer at the beach

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Summer so far has been sunny, hot and humid, building up to late afternoon thunderstorms often with torrential rain.

Early one Sunday we took a trip down to Greenfields Beach on Jervis Bay. Not many people were around, but someone had left behind a sandcastle decorated with twigs and stones, and a few brave souls were venturing into the water. Still icy cold I am assured.

Just as easy to lie on the beach, or potter around in the shallows taking photos.

Terrapin 6*6 on Kodak TMax 100 and stand developed for 60 minutes in Adonal (1:100)

Dec 2014 Terrapin TMax100 Adonal(1.100)stand 3Dec 2014 Terrapin TMax100 Adonal(1.100)stand 4Dec 2014 Terrapin TMax100 Adonal(1.100)stand 5Dec 2014 Terrapin TMax100 Adonal(1.100)stand 6Dec 2014 Terrapin TMax100 Adonal(1.100)stand 7Dec 2014 Terrapin TMax100 Adonal(1.100)stand 8Dec 2014 Terrapin TMax100 Adonal(1.100)stand 9

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TerraPin in tropiques

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Recently Todd Schlemmer a.k.a. The Schlem graciously printed and built for me a TerraPin 6*6 pinhole camera. This awesome camera with interchangeable 35mm and 50mm pinholes has been designed by Todd for 3D printing and can be found at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:495230

Whilst I was in the USA during November, Todd was able to post it locally to a friend of mine in Pasadena whilst he was in LA. It would have been great to meet, but it wasn’t meant to be this time.

On our journey back from the Los Angeles, we planned to spend a few days overcoming transpacific jet lag in Fiji, before the short flight back from Nadi to Sydney. It was hot, rainy, and windy, rather than hot and sunny. Not that it mattered, we were just happy to settle into Fijian time. Eat, sleep, and be happy. Everything happens at its own pace: even a terrapin…

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In dunes

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Now that I know, I tread carefully in the dunes. Deep beneath I imagine could be a spice worm, that I know not to disturb. Coyote tracks seem to pass through melange traces left in the sands, but for all I know its path could lead deep into the desert for a searchers of truths.

I joke about having a Carlos Castaneda moment in the desert, or seeking out the inner Kwisatz Haderach that might yet have many thousands of years to come, for in my reality there is a presence in the dunes.

A presence in the dunes - Yashica A, Reala 100 A presence in the dunes – Yashica A, Reala 100

Wavelets - Yashica A, Reala 100 Ripples – Yashica A, Reala 100

Waves - Yashica A, Reala 100 Waves – Yashica A, Reala 100

The dunes are places of mystery, places to be experienced, learn self truths, and to come closer to one’s own existence. It can be hot during the day and cold at night. A place…

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So you think you can dance!

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Some days are strange. It is though nature is revealing its auspices and one must be nimble to catch the signs. I often travel with several cameras, and though I can set up my 4×5 fairly quickly, I will also have either a medium format or 35mm camera ready. This means I sometimes take multiple shots at the same scene, a good reference point later, but often find each is different or magical in its own right.

The day we arrived in Death Valley was one such strange day. Driving across Darwin Plateau I pulled over because of an odd cloud formation in the distance as we began our descent into Panamint Valley.

Crossing Darwin Plateau Crossing Darwin Plateau – TMax 100, Ektar 203mm f/7.7 lens

Not far along from this first stop, the views at Rainbow Canyon were immense and breathtaking. Ready for everything I had loaded Velvia 50 into my Olympus…

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Sorry, …but I’ve been hit by purple rain

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Listening to Ventura Highway I am always transported to an imagined road that might be in California somewhere. I want to be chewing on that piece of grass, overcome by the scent of sage brush walking along a prairie road, and feel fresh breezes blowing off peaks dusted with first snows.

Who knows whether there are alligator lizards in the air, but one thing for sure is that from the highs of Mt Whitney to the lows of Death Valley, I’ve been hit by purple rain.

No apologies! Yes, I know that aerochrome had a dubious historical past in its use by the military, (“and should have never been invented’), but it is in the playfulness of its colour, that other realities are subverted.

Whether these are photographic, or social mores, since the famous album covers of Hendrix, Zappa, and Donovan, aerochrome has also been used to suggest an alternative…

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