At the paddocks

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I took last Monday off from work as I was just too tired, had enough, and it was an opportunity to spend the day with Melody.

Late in the afternoon we went out to the paddocks which she leases to agist her horses. In one paddock there is a shed we built for the horses, and nearby where she planted some shade trees, our neighbour (the owner) threw a multitude of pumpkin seeds. Our crop has been huge after all the summer rain.

Out on the pumpkin Out on the pumpkin

Pumpkin vines Pumpkin vines

After cleaning, trimming and filing their hooves, she is a believer in barefoot hoof care, Melody let them into the second paddock. Here she lets the grass grow long, and sometimes cuts and dries it for a little hay.

Barefoot hoof care - Melody and Spirit Barefoot hoof care – Melody and Cherokee Spirit

Post and gate Post and gate

Spirit, and the old boy Zim, enjoy grazing on the green…

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Late afternoon on the rim

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On Saturday evening we visited the northern rim of Morton National Park near Bundanoon.

As the sun dropped beneath the clouds, the cliffs and gorges feeding creeks into the Shoalhaven were lit.

Across the plateau with falling evening light, the scribbly gums stood bright, ready for the night.

On the rim On the rim

Scribbly gums I Scribbly gums I

Scribbly gums II Scribbly gums II

Taken with Chamonix 045F1 View Camera and Rodenstock Apo-Sironar-S 150mm, on Shanghai 100 film, and developed in a mix of Xtol+Adonal.

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Epic fail, or just epic

52 rolls

Over the last month or so, I have occasionally taken large format photographs using expired Provia 100, but put them aside to develop later.

This morning when I warmed the chemicals, I noticed that the First Developer had changed to an opaque greenish colour, and might have passed its use by date.

Regardless I pressed on, and the results are either an epic fail, or just epic.

Colours enough to do your head in?

Flooding creek Flooding creek

Endrick River Endrick River

Endrick River Bridge Endrick River Bridge

Bherwerre beach Bherwerre Beach

After a little fiddling I converted the photos into black and white using Aperture with the blue filter effect.

Bherwerre beach converted to b+w with blue filter Bherwerre Beach converted to black & white

All photos taken with Chamonix 045F1, using either Rodenstock Apo-Sironar-S 150mm (photos 1 & 4) or Nikkor-SW 90mm f/8 (photos 3 & 4), on expired Provia 100 and developed in Tetenal E Colortec.

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Last day of summer

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Sometimes we wish that summer could last one more day.

At Bherwerre Beach, the surf was gentle and the sky overcast, but it didn’t matter as it was a day to be enjoyed. The last day of summer could be mourned later.

Headland Headland

Driving home today from work I was contemplating this sense of loss, when in the background the old standard with the refrain “there goes my only possession, there goes my everything” came on. It occurred to me that the passing of summer might be a little like this.

A gentle refrain A gentle refrain

Summer seems to feel like everything, a reason for dreams and living, and in its passing the closing of a door, leaving in our possession only memories to fill the pages of days, until the earth completes its orbit bringing again dog days in the sun.

Goodbye summer Goodbye summer

Photos taken with Chamonix 045F1 View Camera, Nikkor…

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