Run quick or hold your breath!

52 rolls

Ever feel like you are under water holding your nose? The travails of everyday life and work tossing up challenges, making it hard to breathe? Feel like you are sitting on the bottom of a pool, or under the ocean, while the world and life just swims past, then away?

Is there an answer, I don’t know, and I’m not sure if even having one helps. I still try to be idealistically hopeful, but age, experience and reality temper my vision of the world.

I often resort to staying away from people, trying to find stillness in the contemplation of quite places.

Feeling this way, and knowing my partner Melody is experiencing similar frustrations, we drive to Red Point in Jervis Bay National Park, and I immerse myself in the landscape taking photographs.

Under Red Point Under Red Point

At high tide, waves lapping the base of the cliff under Red Point have…

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Everybody should have one

52 rolls

On Saturday I purchased a Kodak Brownie No.2 Model F. It was in great condition, at a fabulous price, and I just happened to have a roll of size 120 film in the car.

Many millions of these practically unbreakable cameras were made between the First and Second World Wars, and opened photography to the masses. Everybody should have one today.

The camera can be set at one of three apertures f.16, f.22, and f32, has an instant shutter speed of around 1/50sec, but can also be set to stay open for long exposures with a T function.

If the sky ever clears on a moonless night I plan on trying some astrophotography, but in the interim I took it at on a stroll around Picnic Island near the entrance of Lake Illawarra.

This series was taken using Kodak TMax 100, and because I was feeling adventurous I developed it…

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Ugh, people!

52 rolls

Last week Melody and I had some medical appointments which lead us to taking a stroll through Wollongong’s Friday markets in the Crown St Mall.

Wollongong has long and proud industrial history, and support for progressive social movements. Fortunately, the mall was relatively quiet and there were no protests to divert our attention or catch up with friends or acquaintances.

I am not a fan of market, malls or street photography, preferring instead the existential emptiness of being in landscapes devoid of people.

However, I had loaded a cassette of Kodak Hawkeye 2485 from a bulk roll and placed it into my Olympus AF-1 “Wet Flash” for a test shoot,  conjecturing that surveillance film might be a suitable vehicle for street photography. Hawkeye 2485 is nominally rated at 400ASA.

The “Wet Flash” usually identifies film speed from DX coding, but in this case I hoped an element of randomisation would…

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Around Kiama

52 rolls

Over the last week, I ran a roll of TMax 100 through my Mamiya-6.

It is not the single lens reflex which most people associate with the Mamiya name, but instead a folding camera and coupled rangefinder. Unlike many coupled rangefinders, instead of the lens moving backwards or forward to find focus, the focal plane carrying the film is moved in or out. The camera focuses accurately from around 3 ft to infinity.

The lens is a Setagaya Koki Sekor 1:3.5 f=7.5 cm, in a Copal shutter with speeds B, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 300. Both the front and rear elements of the lens are easily removed for cleaning.

The photographs were taken not far from where we live in Shellharbour, around the nearby the seaside town of Kiama. Behind the township, Saddleback Mountain rises high over the southern end of the Illawarra coastal strip which…

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