Even more tiny flowers

52 rolls

Barren Grounds Nature Reserve has become my regular haunt this year. If the weather improves a little next weekend, I might head further south looking for flowers.

This series was taken with my Chamonix 045F1 View Camera and Rodenstock Ysaron 75mm lens. As these macro photos are taken in the wild, I aim for a still day when the plants aren’t moving too much, maximise shutter speed at the expense of depth of field when necessary, and use faster film. Focusing can be difficult, because although the plants may be relatively still, there is always some movement and occasional gusts.

The first three photos were taken on TMax 400 and stand developed in Pyrocat HD. Even though two of the photos are epic fails, under exposed and light leaks, I still like them. The last four photos were taken using Fomapan 200 and developed in a mix of Xtol and…

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More tiny flowers

52 rolls

Another week into spring, and more wildflowers have started to bloom at Barren Grounds.

Some of my favourites are now starting to appear – the paper daisies, pink swamp heath, and the first of the drumsticks. Elsewhere the bronzy boronia is creating a pink hue across the landscape.

Paper daisy - helichrysum elatum Paper daisy – helichrysum elatum

Pink swamp heath - sprengelia incarnata Pink swamp heath – sprengelia incarnata

Bronzy boronia - boronia thujona Bronzy boronia – boronia thujona

Drumstick - isopogon anemonifolius Drumstick – isopogon anemonifolius

All photos taken in the wild using Chamonix 045F1 View Camera, Rodenstock Ysaron 75mm lens, Kodak TMax 400 film, and developed in PyrocatHD.

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Tiny flowers

52 rolls

Spring is announced by the appearance of tiny flowers in the bush.

On the nearby Budderoo Plateau, at Barrens Grounds Nature Reserve, as each week passes more new blooms herald warmer days.

Often the first too emerge are the parrot peas, boronia, heath and everlastings. Some occur fleetingly, whilst others might remain present for weeks.

Parrot pea Parrot pea

Dancers Dancers

Stamina Stamina

Petals and buds Petals and buds

Everlasting Everlasting

Inflorescence Inflorescence

All photographs taken using Chamonix 045F1 View Camera with Rodenstock Ysaron 75mm lens, on Kodak TMax 400 film, and developed in PyrocatHD.

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Momentary joys

52 rolls

After days of torrential rain in the last week of winter, spring is now upon us.

In our garden the apricot, plum and apple are blossoming, and on the nearby escarpment at Barren Grounds, the first of the wildflowers are blooming.

Just in time for spring, and macro flower photography, a package arrived containing a Rodenstock Ysaron 75mm lens in a Polaroid Prontor shutter. After fitting it to a spare lensboard, I first made a few photos in the yard with some peace roses and apricot blossom, before venturing into the bush.

Maybe it is the time of year, but on developing the film and seeing the negatives, I was overjoyed with the results. In the wild, flowers only stay still momentarily.

Joy Joy

Love Love

Apricot blossom Apricot blossom

Dillwynias Dillwynias

In the wild In the wild

All photographs were taken with my Chamonix 045F1 View Camera, and Rodenstock Ysaron 75mm lens, on Fomapan 100 film, which…

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