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‘Cause how many times can you wake up in this comic book and plant flowers? – Rodriguez

Flowers have their own personalities. Whenever I chance upon fuchsia heath I am reminded of a ballet, and see a chorus line of bells dancing along a twig.

Nov 2015 Barrengrounds Budanoon 045F1 Shanghai100 Xtol(1.3)+paRodinal(1.160) 4 Fuchsia heath

Daisies always look rather quaint, never out of place, and call out for attention even from close to the ground.

Nov 2015 Barrengrounds Budanoon 045F1 Shanghai100 Xtol(1.3)+paRodinal(1.160) 1 Toothed daisy-bush

The drumstick seems incongruous with its tiny batons and mass of flowers marching across open plateaus.

Nov 2015 MortonNP Budanoon 045F1 Shanghai100 Xtol(1.3)+paRodinal(1.160) 9 Drumstick

Exploding into space, the heath kunzea, is a vision of fireworks and celebration.

Nov 2015 MortonNP Budanoon 045F1 Shanghai100 Xtol(1.3)+paRodinal(1.160) 3 Heath kunzea

Appearing like a crystal, the rush fringe-lily looks lonely, hard and strong.

Nov 2015 MortonNP Budanoon 045F1 Shanghai100 Xtol(1.3)+paRodinal(1.160) 1 Rush fringe-lily

Flowers can evoke powerful sensations, and where there are shadows, happily bring light. With sorrow and mourning,  blooms and buds soften our hearts, and can regenerate our spirits with reminders of faith, hope and love.

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52 rolls

“A man is ‘called’ to nothing, and has no ‘calling’, no ‘destiny’ as little as a plant or a beast has ‘calling.’ The flower does not follow the calling to complete itself, but it spends all its forces to enjoy and consume the world as it can – it sucks in as much of the juices of the earth, as much air of the ether, as much light of the sun, as it can get and lodge. The bird lives up to no calling, but it uses its forces as much as practicable; it catches beetles and sings to its heart’s delight. But the forces of the flower and the bird are slight in comparison to those of a man, and a man who applies his forces will affect the world much more powerfully than the flower and beast. A calling he has not, but he has forces that manifest…

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Monsters lurk, gargoyles peer

52 rolls

Monsters lurk in shadows, filtered by memories and imaginings out of the light.

In shadows In shadows

In some places gargoyles peer from their perches.

Gargoyles Gargoyles

Across dank damp walls lichens spread their crusty textures.

Lichens Lichens

Mossy ferns drape rocks ready to spout seed into the moisture laden humus beneath.

Mossy fern Mossy fern

A stalk grows quickly on a rock face, standing erect like Priapus, perhaps signifying sinister stories hidden within.

Stalk Stalk

Reaching the plateau out of the gloom, joy greets a sea of pink petals facing the sunlight. In the dark, consciousness sometimes defers to fear and hesitation, letting apparitions and torments out to play.

Petals Petals

Looking across the canopy from the 12 Mile Peg towards the coast, the skeleton of a dead tree rises from beneath, conceivably waving its limbs ironically in farewell to the monsters momentarily freed from the deep.

Across the canopy Across the canopy

All photos taken with Chamonix 045F1 View…

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