Target Beach to Silica Cove

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Most of the Beecroft Peninsula is a defence force training area and naval gunnery range used during the week for live firing exercises. At the weekend the public is permitted to access the isolated beaches and headlands only along clearly defined trails to avoid unexploded ordinance. Most of the peninsulais off limits. On a recent visit, a park ranger had suggested that the headlands between Target Beach and Silica Cove provided an excellent vantage point for photography of the cliffs and bays. Although there are trails into Target Beach and Silica Cove, the headlands between can only reached by walking carefully along the cliffs, or rock platforms, and where this is difficult, through the adjacent bushland following old tracks. Some of these tracks may have been made by the original indigenous owners of the land, more recently by adventurous ocean fisherman, and by wallabies that have made paths through lomandras…

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