A day in Booderee

52 rolls

Over the last few months I have often been shooting rolls of 35mm film while out with my large format camera. Most of these rolls have been taken using either my Olympus OM-1, or Lomo LC-A. I use these cameras whilst walking to remember subjects for another another time, to reference the conditions, or simply because I want to take a photo of the world around me at that moment.

I particularly like this series taken with my Lomo LC-A on Fuji Superia 100 a few weeks back, when Melody and I visited Booderee National Park. This roll has only recently been developed.

March 2014 LCA Superia100  18 Blacks Waterhole

March 2014 LCA Superia100  19 Whiting Beach

Near Kittys Beach Near Kittys Beach

March 2014 LCA Superia100  23 Unspoilt

Kittys Beach Kittys Beach

March 2014 LCA Superia100  28 Parallel limbs

March 2014 LCA Superia100  29 Dusk cloud

March 2014 LCA Superia100  32 Evening falls

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