Penance Grove

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In the wilderness - Buckenbowra River In the wilderness – Buckenbowra River

Deep in the Monga National Park are the headwaters of the Mongarlowe and Buckenbowra Rivers. Whilst the Mongarlowe River flows behind the Budawangs into rugged country covered by snow gums, the clear Buckenbowra flows down the escarpment into a rainforest wilderness before finally reaching the Tasman Sea.

Mongarlowe River Mongarlowe River

Between the headwaters of these rivers, near the edge of the escarpment are forests of tree ferns and plumwoods. Plants so ancient that pollen spores have been found in Antarctica, from when Australia was once joined to it in Gondwanaland. One of these magnificent stands of tree ferns and plumwoods is known as Penance Grove.

Penance Grove Penance Grove

It seems that once, thieves would cut and steal ferns from this forest, when it was unprotected, to sell in nurseries to grace suburban gardens.The stumps of cut ferns can still be seen in Penance Grove.

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3 thoughts on “Penance Grove

  1. Wow, Peter, these photos blew me away when I saw them. What an interesting place! I especially love the snow gum. I miss the sounds and smells and the light there. I have a cigar box full of gum tree leaves, gum nuts, bird feathers, etc., and I get it out every once in awhile.

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