Finding paradise

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Sometimes I wonder what it actually might mean to find paradise?

Can it be an earthly reality, or is paradise a place which is mystically conceptualised due to the influence of myths, religions, tourist or even real estate brochures? In a world full of hash tagged paradises that seem to be for sale, or to be exchanged for desiring souls, can such places exist at all.

Over the past few weeks our cousin Kitty has been visiting from Holland. For a few days we took her down the South Coast of New South Wales to the Murramarang National Park, and the parks in the mountains behind. At this time of the year it can be icy cold in the mornings always with the possibility of rain, practically deserted beaches, villages quiet, and the vast wilderness expanses of dense forest seemingly impenetrable.

It is these sanctuary zones, especially thosewhich National Parks…

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