TerraPin in tropiques

52 rolls

Recently Todd Schlemmer a.k.a. The Schlem graciously printed and built for me a TerraPin 6*6 pinhole camera. This awesome camera with interchangeable 35mm and 50mm pinholes has been designed by Todd for 3D printing and can be found at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:495230

Whilst I was in the USA during November, Todd was able to post it locally to a friend of mine in Pasadena whilst he was in LA. It would have been great to meet, but it wasn’t meant to be this time.

On our journey back from the Los Angeles, we planned to spend a few days overcoming transpacific jet lag in Fiji, before the short flight back from Nadi to Sydney. It was hot, rainy, and windy, rather than hot and sunny. Not that it mattered, we were just happy to settle into Fijian time. Eat, sleep, and be happy. Everything happens at its own pace: even a terrapin…

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