Perchance, is art worth more than the truth?

52 rolls

Yesterday afternoon, my partner Melody and I had a long and interesting discussion reflecting upon aesthetics, sexuality, art and the artist.

Our conversation was in response to a post we had noticed elsewhere on the inter-webs in relation to nude photography. The discussion was characterised by a division of the subject into nude vs naked, and a proposition that works by famous artists, for example Weston, Man Ray, Mapplethorpe, or Imogen Cunningham have stood the test of time and are beyond criticism. On the other hand much nudity seen elsewhere on photo sharing sites was regarded in the post as sexualised, trashy, and just not really art.

Sublimation Sublimation

One commentator maintained “I love photographing the nude but it has nothing to do with sexuality – everything to do with line and shape and the light. … Actually it’s another landscape and a lot harder than one expects.”

Melody on…

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