Bingie Bingie Point

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Not far from Moruya on the south coast of New South Wales, Bingie Bingie Point juts like a finger into the Tasman Sea.

It is a remarkable place that was inhabited by the Brinja-Yuin people before European settlement. It is a place of plenty, and the word “bingie” in Dhurga, the traditional language of the first peoples of the coast means “stomach”, and thus bingie bingie, abundance.

The geology of this point is special, as between the two types of grey igneous rocks which cooled far below the earth’s surface, there are intrusions into cracks when the granite cooled by later eruption forming dykes of pink aplite and black basalt. Elsewhere, on the southern side of the point white intrusions into the granite have the appearance of a web.

Along this coastline there are dreaming tracks, song lines, used by its earliest peoples. It is not hard to wonder at…

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