Along the Nerriga Road

52 rolls

While packing my camera bag for the weekend, I discovered that I had lost or misplaced a Grafmatic film holder. After trying to remember when I had it last, it occurred to me that I might have set it down on a rock by the Sholhaven River at Oallen Ford a week earlier.

It was a long shot, but I decided to head down to Nerriga and try to find it. Of course it rained heavily over the last week, so it could have been washed away, but nothing ventured..

In hindsight it was a feeble excuse for photography at some of my favourite places. The film holder was not found, so I instead went to the old ford at the Corang River, downstream from the new bridge, and made several photographs standing in the cool waters.

Driving back to Nerriga, I stopped at the old footbridge at Bindi Brook…

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