Comerong Island

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In the delta of the Shoalhaven lies Comerong Island, sitting between the Crookhaven and Shoalhaven Rivers. A channel was dug between these rivers in 1822 by convicts creating the island. The Heads of the Crookhaven River are easily navigable unlike those of the Shoalhaven which are shallow, and now are often silted up.

The island is surrounded by mangrove swamps, has endangered pockets of salt tolerant rainforest with vines and bangalow palms, casuarina belts, and grasslands. Its beach faces the Tasman Sea, with wild surf and rips. To the north Saddleback Mountain and the Illawarra Escarpment rises beyond Far Meadow above the Shoalhaven floodplain.

Crossing the channel by ferry is a chance to step into another world. After the rains, the grasslands and ponds have filled; a few fish even splash around in one. The only other souls about were a few surf fishers getting ready to cast their lines…

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