Port Kembla and Bombo

52 rolls

For some time now I have had my eye on the Skink Pinhole Kit for Copal #0 shutter, so finally purchased one and it arrived last Friday.

I installed the 0.4mm f.214 pinhole in a #0 shutter. This had previously housed an older 90mm Schneider Linhof Angulon from which I had carefully removed and packed away the lens elements. The shutter was then mounted on a lens board for use with my Chamonix 045F1 View Camera. Having a pinhole mounted in this way means that I can also use my large format camera for lensless photography, along with multiple film options including sheet, roll, and instant.

With sheet film loaded ready to shoot, I went to Hill 60 near Port Kembla where I made a number of images with shutter speeds of around 9 seconds. Fomapan 100 needs fairly long exposure times to avoid reciprocity failure.

The imaginatively named Hill…

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