The plant has an essential and infinite relationship with light

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The plant has an essential and infinite relationship with light.. ..which is external to the plant, has supreme power over it, and.. ..if the plant were conscious it would venerate light as its god.Philosophy of Nature, Hegel

…one begins to love flowers. The religion of flowers follows the religion of the sun.Glas, Derrida

It is hard not to love flowers: their sublime colours, delight in the sun, and heralding of seasons. Hegel observed that plants which sprout in the darkest place can still find their way towards a chink of light as if they knew the way. In fields he saw “sunflowers and a host of other flowers face the sun and turn as it moves across the sky.”

Many flowers like the infinitesimally small Paroo lily, close and go to bed, when shadows fall with daylight departing.

Paroo lily Paroo lily

But what is the…

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