Steamers Beach

52 rolls

Saturday morning, first day of March, not the usual daily 5am start, slept in to 6am. Woke up after dreaming that I had been drinking coffee and it was keeping me awake. Prophetic? Pouring rain outside. Checked weather radar, and although stormy locally, looked clearer heading south. Loaded sheet film into holders, 100 & 400 ASA, sorted lenses and filters, grabbed umbrella, and packed camera pack. Melody made sandwiches and packed day pack. Breakfast, another quick coffee before hitting the road, and as the surgeon suggested, took some ibuprofen for pain relief prior to walking.

Curve Curve, cliff and waves

Driving south we headed around Mt Pleasant, through Gerringong and Gerroa towards Nowra, and the rain started to ease. Stopped for fuel, more coffee and pear bread, and then drove to Booderee National Park. When we arrived at the trailhead to Steamers Beach and St George’s Head there was only a…

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