Saturday afternoon

52 rolls

Mar 2014 Toyo TMY2 PyrocatHDstand 2 Country corner – Honi, Zim, Ahri, Melody and Spirit

It is always a treat to go for a walk with the horses. They enjoy ambling along quiet country lanes, through the bush and getting out of the paddock. New or different vistas are always refreshing, and it is always best when none of the horses is left behind.

On Croome Rd On Croome Rd

Come Saturday afternoon we are all ready to get out. Melody asked if I would like to go walking with the horses and take some large format portraits. I knew exactly where I would take the photos with late afternoon sun, trees and paddocks in the background. It probably seemed a little odd to the farmer driving past that I had set up a tripod and camera in the middle of the road.

Mar 2014 Toyo TMY2 PyrocatHDstand 3 Through the old gate

The challenge was to get focus, aperture and depth of field correct…

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