Winter solstice

52 rolls

Painfully, I have become occasionally obsessed with mapping the spatial relationship of places to astronomical phenomena. The ephemeris is the perfect device for me. It allows me to determine when, and where, to position myself within a landscape to optimise the necessary impact of celestial events. In my imagination, I search for landmarks and aspects, that might bring me closer to understanding the land, its seasons, and hopes of dreamed journeys to the future from the past.

For the winter solstice, on the eve of our longest night, the heavenly orb set between the outstretched arms of Honeymoon Bay. This lunar cycle began with a rare full moon known as the honeymoon. As the sun dropped beneath the clouds, it seemed there was an elephant to be seen illuminated among them, trumpeting the start of longer days. Who knows, perhaps it is Ganesh to enrich us, or simply an elephant…

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