Don’t move!

52 rolls

Invariably, there is a film that has been sitting in the fridge for a while needing a camera to roll in.

It could be treasured a bit longer, left in that dark trove and not moved, but the world has called. Somehow it seems like the perfect film for pinhole, with its fine grain, high contrast, colour saturation, and even suits a little xpro. So into the Holga WPC a very expired roll of Fujichrome T64 was loaded, then shot.

Although landscape has its challenges, photographing a horse feeding at sunset using a pinhole camera with exposures of around a minute has its own reward. Sure, one can sit patiently in deep contemplation for 14 minutes by a creek in a rainforest waiting for an exposure to run down, but with a horse there is a vicarious thrill. If it is hungry, it will ignore you, and the cable releaseā€¦

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