Woods and beach

52 rolls

The sky was clear when we left the beach near Red Point taking the trail through the woods to Hare Point and Carama Inlet. Walking through woodlands parallel to the beach we were out of the breeze, and could enjoy the first of the wattle scattered near stands of young banksias and gum trees.

Arriving at Carama Inlet at low tide we walked over strap weed mounds piled high by wind and waves on the beach. The rocks were covered in unopened oysters. A testament to the quiet isolation of this hidden corner of Jervis Bay. Coming around the corner onto Hare Point the full force of the strengthening gale coming across the bay hit us. To the south rain squalls were visible over Point Perpendicular, and a storm front extending across to distant Pigeon House Mountain.

It was going to be a long walk into the wind, face down…

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