Winter shorelines – Holga Week 2014

52 rolls

To absolutely devastating effect during Holga Week, I firstly decided to try some components of a digital Holga kit on my Holga 120N: macro attachment, tele and wide converter. For the macro shot I simply guessed at the recommended distance marked on the lens attachment from the object I was photographing. The film used was Kodak TMax 100 and it was developed in a mix of Pyrocat-HD (1.1.100) + Adonal (1.100) for good measure. Sometimes I prefer to use the 6×4.5 frame with the 120N.

These shoreline photos were taken on the black sand beach at The Shallows just south of Shellharbour.

Urchin, shell and stone Urchin, shell and stone (macro)

The loader The loader (tele)

Rocks and tide Rocks and tide (wide)

For Holga Week I also shot a roll of Efke R50 in my Holga-120WPC which I stand developed in Adonal(1.100). These photos were taken at Minnamurra and the deserted ocean pool at Bulli POint.

Rangoon Island Rangoon Island

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