A part of me is gone

52 rolls

On Saturday morning I developed 6 sheets of film that I had taken over the previous week. Little did I know that over the weekend my treasured Toyo-View 45CF, tripod and most of my large format lenses would be stolen. These are probably the last photos I will ever have taken with “Toyo” unless it is recovered.

I am distraught that the camera I have learned large format photography with, and the lenses I had so carefully pursued and collected are gone.

During the last 18 months “Toyo” has been my life’s blood whilst I have been recovering from operations and major illnesses caused by cancer. I loved this camera so much simply because it helped me to see the world a little differently, and to get up and about into our great National Parks along the coast, escarpments and mountains near where I live. Many days were spent carrying…

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