Spring equinox at White Tree Bay

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White Tree Bay, just around from Mungo Brush, is a quiet spot to camp out by the Broadwater in the Myall Lakes National Park. This camping ground has only a few sites, is protected from cold southerly winds, and is surrounded by aging paperbarks. It is just the spot to see the sundown go down behind the ranges near Buladelah across the far side of the lake around the equinox.

In the darks around new moon, sometimes, amateur fishermen net for prawns in the shallows nearby when the weather is warmer. Spring equinox is a sign in this part of paradise that days are getting longer than nights, the air is balmier, and the water warming.

Spring equinox Spring equinox

Starlight Starlight

Sept 2014 Yashica 635 TriX400 RO9(1.100)stand 3 Fallen feather

Matted roots Matted roots

Broadwater at sundown Broadwater at sundown

All photos taken with Yashica 635 on Kodak Tri-X 400, and stand developed in RO9 (1:100).

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