Dunes, views and ghost towns

52 rolls

During our recent trip to Death Valley I took a number of different cameras and a variety of films. I have no idea what the border security people thought of so many cameras, but all were very co-operative in not putting any of my film through the x-ray machines. Instead the boxes of sheets film and roll films were put through the chemical sniffer test too my relief.

This series was taken with my Yashica A and culled from 3 rolls of Fuji Neopan ACROS 100, which was stand developed in Adonal for an hour. These photos were taken in Death Valley NP at Mesquite Dunes, Dante’s View and in the old ghost town of Leadville on the Titus Canyon Road.

The dry channels and pools on the Death Valley floor seen from Dante’s View seems almost like a Miro painting. There is an other worldliness to this place that…

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