Lone Pine, California

52 rolls

Not much seems to happen in Lone Pine. Trucks roll through town heading up the Owens Valley on Route 365. To the west lies the Alabama Hills and Mt Whitney. Over the ranges to the east, badlands and Death Valley. Up the valley to the north lies Big Pine, Bishop and some distant relatives. From all accounts they can stay distant.

Occasionally, which means quite frequently, over the last hundred years movie makers have come to town. The Alabama Hills near Lone Pine has been used in Westerns, to represent North India (you’re a better man than I Gungadin), alien landscapes, and I suspect even scenes from the Sound of Music could have been filmed using those marvelous snow capped peaks. Yes, folks sometimes the hills are alive, but mostly it is just pretty damn quiet, with just a few wannabee extras and lots of horses seeming to hang around…

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