With the dingoes and brumbies on Long Plain

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Out on Long Plain, not far from the headwaters of the Murrumbidgee River and beneath Cooleman Mountain, are the Blue Waterholes and Coolemine Homestead. Across the Snowy Mountains there are high plains, where cold air collects and inhibits tree growth. Even in early autumn it can be icy.

Murrumbidgee - Long Plain Murrumbidgee – Long Plain

We arrived late in the afternoon, finding our way down the rough track which drops off Cooleman Mountain to the campground near the Blue Waterholes.

After lighting a fire and cooking dinner, we retreated to our camper trailer, to escape the wind and cold. In the middle of a freezing night a dingo started howling in a gorge nearby, and a few brumbies came past snorting at our camp on their way. We had seen a couple of wild horses in the trees near Coolemine Homestead and out on Long Plain.

In the morning after a bush breakfast…

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