Rain is inevitable

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There is an is inevitability about Easter, it is going to rain. No matter whether Easter comes early or late, it augurs autumn. In some years the full moon is barely visible, hidden by clouds and inclement weather.

Notwithstanding constant showers, on Easter Saturday I was determined to get out, so we checked the rain radar and headed south. By the time we got to Nowra it was pouring, but seeing a gap in the squalls, we changed our plans and drove up through the mud to nearby Bugong Plateau. At least it was only raining lightly there.

Bugong is one of my favourite places. I have photographed its trees and flowers before, and each time it is different. In the rain and mist, on the edge of a wilderness, it feels mythical.

Mountain devil in the rain Mountain devil (lambertia formosa) in the rain

Arched Arched

Wilderness edge Wilderness edge

Rain is inevitable Rain is inevitable

All photos taken with…

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