Ugh, people!

52 rolls

Last week Melody and I had some medical appointments which lead us to taking a stroll through Wollongong’s Friday markets in the Crown St Mall.

Wollongong has long and proud industrial history, and support for progressive social movements. Fortunately, the mall was relatively quiet and there were no protests to divert our attention or catch up with friends or acquaintances.

I am not a fan of market, malls or street photography, preferring instead the existential emptiness of being in landscapes devoid of people.

However, I had loaded a cassette of Kodak Hawkeye 2485 from a bulk roll and placed it into my Olympus AF-1 “Wet Flash” for a test shoot,  conjecturing that surveillance film might be a suitable vehicle for street photography. Hawkeye 2485 is nominally rated at 400ASA.

The “Wet Flash” usually identifies film speed from DX coding, but in this case I hoped an element of randomisation would…

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