Everybody should have one

52 rolls

On Saturday I purchased a Kodak Brownie No.2 Model F. It was in great condition, at a fabulous price, and I just happened to have a roll of size 120 film in the car.

Many millions of these practically unbreakable cameras were made between the First and Second World Wars, and opened photography to the masses. Everybody should have one today.

The camera can be set at one of three apertures f.16, f.22, and f32, has an instant shutter speed of around 1/50sec, but can also be set to stay open for long exposures with a T function.

If the sky ever clears on a moonless night I plan on trying some astrophotography, but in the interim I took it at on a stroll around Picnic Island near the entrance of Lake Illawarra.

This series was taken using Kodak TMax 100, and because I was feeling adventurous I developed it…

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