52 rolls

…you say you want silence, I feel numb within

…you say it is critical, I frame it deep within

…you say you want to see, I am crying within

Light and shade
…you say it is moody, I say it is charted within

…you say you know cancer, I wonder where it ends

Silence Silence

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Light and shade Light and shade

Stages Stages

The last week has been pretty awful treatment wise: I was warned it would be hard, but know it will get better. Awareness doesn’t make it any easier. These images were made last week when I was feeling very low, and seemed to encapsulate where I was at the time, physically and emotionally.

Taken around sunset on Lake Illawarra at Windang using my Chamonix 045F1, with Rodenstock Apo-Sironar-S 150mm, on Fomapan 100, and developed in Pyrocat HD.

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