Winter time

52 rolls

With every new day, the sun moves south again.
With each wave, there is a cold cascade.
On every tide, rocks can break.

With every leaf, trees welcome break of day.
With each year, winds bend and shape.
And after life passes, presence fades.

With every new day With every new day

With each wave With each wave

On every tide On every tide

With every leaf With every leaf

With every year With each year

After life passes And after life passes

All photos taken with Chamonix 045F1 View Camera, with either Rodenstock Apo-Sironar-S 150mm or Goerz Dagor 10 3/4″ lens. Except for the second photo which was taken on Fomapan 100 and developed in Xtol, all other were taken using TMax 400 and developed in D76.

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