52 rolls

Every day we stand at the edge of uncertainty, but spring and its impact on circadian rhythms brings forth plenitude. The longer days encourage plants to shoot, flowers to bloom, animals to multiply, and assures our existence with the promise of an abundant harvest.

On the edge of a tilled field it is not hard to imagine forever. Verdant fields with endless sheaths of wheat vanishing into the distance, or elsewhere, canola brightly turning yellow across gently rolling hills.

Verdure Verdure

Four trees Four trees

Spring is marked by regularity. Fields furrowed with precision, orchards pruned neatly in rows, and sheep ready to lamb. It is the season of grace. Nothing is out of place. Even where a few trees remain, it is mostly out of utility. When fields are fallow, or animals graze after harvest on the stubble, shade is needed from the harsh summer sun yet to come.

There is a…

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