Eternities voices

52 rolls

Lately I find myself pondering eternity.

For me eternity is neither nothingness or void. Nor do I find myself abjectly contemplating a Nietzschean eternal recurrence of this life by daily sublimation and surrender to the possibility of endless reincarnation.

With the Kantian destruction of ontological arguments for the proof of a god whose existence relies on being posited by human contemplation and acceptance in faith, I find myself looking for clues to an eternity that is instead limitless, and only constrained by the will to liberate an eternal imagination without beginning or end.

I find myself wondering the colour of eternity? Is it orange as my friend responds because he has been bad, dislikes this hue, and it will subsequently torment him till after the end of time, or because for me it is simply the colour of dawn. The sun rises every day, and its recurrence over eons suggests…

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