Monsters lurk, gargoyles peer

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Monsters lurk in shadows, filtered by memories and imaginings out of the light.

In shadows In shadows

In some places gargoyles peer from their perches.

Gargoyles Gargoyles

Across dank damp walls lichens spread their crusty textures.

Lichens Lichens

Mossy ferns drape rocks ready to spout seed into the moisture laden humus beneath.

Mossy fern Mossy fern

A stalk grows quickly on a rock face, standing erect like Priapus, perhaps signifying sinister stories hidden within.

Stalk Stalk

Reaching the plateau out of the gloom, joy greets a sea of pink petals facing the sunlight. In the dark, consciousness sometimes defers to fear and hesitation, letting apparitions and torments out to play.

Petals Petals

Looking across the canopy from the 12 Mile Peg towards the coast, the skeleton of a dead tree rises from beneath, conceivably waving its limbs ironically in farewell to the monsters momentarily freed from the deep.

Across the canopy Across the canopy

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