Sorry, …but I’ve been hit by purple rain

52 rolls

Listening to Ventura Highway I am always transported to an imagined road that might be in California somewhere. I want to be chewing on that piece of grass, overcome by the scent of sage brush walking along a prairie road, and feel fresh breezes blowing off peaks dusted with first snows.

Who knows whether there are alligator lizards in the air, but one thing for sure is that from the highs of Mt Whitney to the lows of Death Valley, I’ve been hit by purple rain.

No apologies! Yes, I know that aerochrome had a dubious historical past in its use by the military, (“and should have never been invented’), but it is in the playfulness of its colour, that other realities are subverted.

Whether these are photographic, or social mores, since the famous album covers of Hendrix, Zappa, and Donovan, aerochrome has also been used to suggest an alternative…

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