Run quick or hold your breath!

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Ever feel like you are under water holding your nose? The travails of everyday life and work tossing up challenges, making it hard to breathe? Feel like you are sitting on the bottom of a pool, or under the ocean, while the world and life just swims past, then away?

Is there an answer, I don’t know, and I’m not sure if even having one helps. I still try to be idealistically hopeful, but age, experience and reality temper my vision of the world.

I often resort to staying away from people, trying to find stillness in the contemplation of quite places.

Feeling this way, and knowing my partner Melody is experiencing similar frustrations, we drive to Red Point in Jervis Bay National Park, and I immerse myself in the landscape taking photographs.

Under Red Point Under Red Point

At high tide, waves lapping the base of the cliff under Red Point have…

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